A complete list of currently supported devices and instructions

Streaming Devices
Amazon Fire Stick (Gen 2+) – Setup Guide
Amazon Fire Stick (Gen 3) – Setup Guide
Amazon 4K Fire Stick – Setup Guide
Kaon Set-Top Box – Setup Guide
Apple TV Setup Guide
Android TV – Guide Coming Soon
Amazon Fire TV Setup Guide
MiBox by Xiaomi – Setup Guide
nVidia Shield TV – Guide coming soon

Smart TV
Android Smart TV (Philips, Sharp, Sony) – Guide coming soon
Fire TV Edition (Element, Insignia, Toshiba, Westinghouse) – Setup Guide PDF

Amazon Fire Remote Tutorial Video

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Apple TV Remote Tutorial Video

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Android TV Remote Tutorial Video

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Streaming Devices may be purchased from the United Corporate Office in Dodge City, depending on availability.

All Streaming Devices can be purchased at major retail or online locations.
Subscribers may use their existing Streaming Device or purchase any Streaming Device that fits their family needs.

Any TV that is HDMI ready will be compatible with the streaming devices listed above.